HalalSurf Guideline

HalalSurf is a marketplace where people around the world come together to buy and sell great stuff!

HalalSurf allows the sale of new, use and refurbished products that fit within our ever expanding category range.

HalalSurf expects buyers and sellers to be honest, nice, professional and act quickly, but not in haste. HalalSurf also strongly encourage sellers to deliver exceptionally great customer service.

Prohibited products, services and any products that violate our intellectual property policy are not allowed on HalalSurf.

HalalSurf Stores are Independent Businesses

HalalSurf stores have their own policies and fulfillment and shipping methods. Stores must honour their store policies and must meet HalalSurf’s standards of customer service.

In the unlikely event that a transaction doesn’t go as planned, buyers and sellers should work together to reach a resolution. If for some reason they can’t reach a resolution, they can use the HalalSurf case system.

You must be 18 or older to open a store with HalalSurf.
Honesty is an important principle at HalalSurf. We ask that store owners represent themselves, their business, and their products accurately.

HalalSurf will actively reach out to stores in violation of these guidelines. While we prefer to help you to bring your store into compliance with our rules, HalalSurf may suspend or close stores that do not comply.

We reserve the right to remove product listings that aren’t in the letter or spirit of our guidelines. Learn more about buying and selling on HalalSurf in our Seller Guidelines, Buyer Guidelines, and Community Guidelines.

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